Spring 2017 Meeting

Spring 2017 MEETING:  March 18, 2017
Wesleyan College, Macon, GA,

Spring Meeting Notes

The next AAUP Georgia Conference meeting was hosted by Wesleyan College, Macon, GA, on Saturday the 18th of  March, 2017. The focus will be on Private Universities and Colleges in Georgia.  The plan is to start at 9:30 and end around 3:30.

    • Irene T. Mulvey will be the keynote speaker. 

      A professor of Mathematics at Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT., Dr. Mulvey has been an AAUP member since 1989. She has served in many governance roles at Fairfield University and has been involved in significant AAUP work at chapter, state, and national levels. As Newsletter Editor for her chapter, she was awarded the Outstanding Newsletter Award from the Assembly of State Conferences (ASC) for three consecutive years. Since 2008 she has held leadership positions in the national AAUP and has served as a panelist or co-presenter at national AAUP workshops focusing on governance problems and possibilities.  The Faculty Welfare Committee/AAUP (FWC/AAUP) at Fairfield University has developed the following statement to describe the aims and purposes of its organization in higher education: Although as faculty members we label ourselves as economists, theologians,
      writers, etc., we are all members of the academic profession. The AAUP, at the national, state and local level, has worked tirelessly to protect that profession. Your membership in the FWC/AAUP helps to protect and promotes the academic profession. The strength of any university is grounded in the strength of its faculty and the strength of its faculty is measured by its ability to articulate and defend fundamental academic principles and practices. AAUP members work to maintain and promote the sound academic principles that are at the core of our academic profession.  Describing the importance of the AAUP, Dr. Mulvey has written: “No other faculty organization carries out the work at the core of our mission, and promoting and publicizing that work is the key to organizing faculty and academic professionals.

    • With Dr. Houston Davis’ successor as Chief Academic Officer and Executive Vice Chancellor of the University System not having been named, we have asked Dr. Steve Wrigley, the new Chancellor, to attend. As of this writing it appears Dr. Wrigley will not be available, and we will be asking a senior member of his staff to attend in his stead. We hope to have someone available to address issues of further consolidations within the USG, funding, program reviews, etc.
    • We anticipate having breakout sessions over lunch to discuss the national AAUP’s “Sanctuary Campus” initiatives (there is threatened state legislation to defund any universities, private as well as public, who decide to follow that recommendation), the present state of undocumented students within our schools, and the latest version of the so-called “Muslim travel ban.” Should we as the Georgia AAUP Conference have an official position regarding any of those, or perhaps other issues such as “Campus Carry”?
    • The AAUP Conference Presidency is a two-year position with the possibility of no more than two consecutive terms, and after four years my own tenure as President will expire this fall. Our immediate Past President, Dr. Christine Ziegler, is tasked with finding candidates for all our offices coming vacant this fall. Chris will talk with all of us about this, and I would be happy to talk about how the details of service as Conference President really work.
    • As is the case every spring meeting, our Legislative Liaison, Steve Anthony, will update us on what’s going on under the Gold Dome, including the latest regarding this year’s discussions about “Campus Carry,” system and scholarship funding, and other issues that affect us all.